Returning To Malchut Of Infinity

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Yesterday in your blog post, Traveling In The World Of Desires, you wrote, “In the spiritual world there is no source of Light because the Light fills the entire universe. Therefore its influence is the same no matter where you are.” Does that mean that we can tell how close we come to the Source of Light, the Creator, only in the connection between us?

Answer: That’s right. There is no place besides the one we are in now. This is the only place that was created: Malchut of the World of Infinity. However, as a result of the gradual restriction of Light (the presence of the Creator in that place) through 125 degrees, we are now behind 125 filters. We are now behind the last level of concealment where we don’t even feel where we are in relation to all the levels.

In order to start revealing this place, Malchut of Infinity, without concealment, we have to imagine that we are in it nevertheless, but we don’t feel it because we are separated from each other by egoism. If we start to unite, then to the degree we do so we return along 125 levels of revelation to the sensation of Malchut of Infinity. In essence, we return to consciousness by taking away the veils of concealment.

Everything becomes revealed according to the force of connection between us. When we aspire to unite, then the force of opposition to that unity is called “the evil inclination.” When we desire to unite in our aspiration to become like the Creator, we discover an entire system of the wrong connection among us, which is opposed to unity. We reveal the system of the impure worlds of BYA (BYA de Pruda – the worlds of separation). By correcting our intention from “reception” to “bestowal,” we turn the impure BYA into the system of the pure worlds of BYA (BYA de Kedusha – holiness, bestowal).

In reality nothing broke. Only our connection became ruined. It turned egoistic, but now we are once again restoring it to the form of bestowal!

We are not broken, but are divided from each other. It’s just that our connection is incorrect. Instead of conveying goodness to you, I want to take it out of you and give you evil instead. That is how each of us feels, and it is called a broken system. However, in reality nothing in this system was broken. It’s the same system where we are all united with each other, only our connection is incorrect. When we discover that the connection between us is incorrect, it means we are already in the impure worlds of BYA, and that is already a spiritual revelation. But for now we are behind 125 layers of concealment of this connection. However, it’s just a lack of our awareness.

Therefore, everything depends only on our efforts to reveal the system of the right connection among us. Through this connection we reveal the force that governs creation: the Creator. There is no other opportunity to reveal Him.

In essence, we recreate our Kli (the common vessel of the soul) from the broken state in which all of its parts work incorrectly, like the organs of a sick person, until we attain harmony and the right connection. The healthy state that we return to, our proper functioning, the inner force that controls us, the necessity and the goal of its existence – all of this is called the Creator!

From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/14/10, The Zohar

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