Sustenance During The Time Of Preparation: Tasteless But Nutritious

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How do I come to a state when I ask and concern myself with one thing only? How do I worry only about finding the place of the Creator’s revelation so as to delight Him and to yearn for it, both in the heart and mind?

Answer: Such a state is superhuman; it is above my nature. I am unable to achieve it, and I want nothing to do with it. I do not foretaste anything I would feel if I were to reveal the Creator. When speaking of preparing a place for Him, of bestowing to Him, I, as if, chase away all possible pleasures, leaving behind only a stale aftertaste.

So how do I change my attitude? After all, the place of the Creator’s revelation needs to exist in my desire. I need to wish for it in my very bones; I need to want to feel the Creator’s delight.

In order to make the object of my concern something opposite to myself, I have to change myself. And the Kabbalists say that there is a force in the world that can do that. But first I must prepare and make the request; I must perform the work that truly depends on me, not something superhuman, but work that is within my reach.

And so I begin the preparation with others like me, via the correct study and environment. Here, every action is within my power. The sensations may not be entirely pleasant, and I may be constantly searching, but I still find the fuel to advance.

I fuel myself with false states, primarily working off envy. When I look at the friends, I get jealous. They are better and smarter than I am. Perhaps some of them are already sensing the spiritual reality. Who knows, I may be sitting next to somebody who’s already there, while I am still mired in ignorance.

If we gather the means that the Kabbalists speak of,  try to apply them to our environment, and rise above reason with the help of envy, then we truly begin to correct the Shechina, the very place in which we will receive the Creator’s revelation for His benefit.

This feat is possible. I must merely carry out as many mechanical, tasteless actions as I can by lowering my head before the environment. In this “submission” to the friends lies the key to success.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/27/10, “What in the Work, is Israel Who Exiled Divinity, is with Them”

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