Not All Means Are Good

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How do I soften my heart?

My Answer: You can do it by working in the group, through the examples we show one another, and by the Light that we want to draw during the study. There are no other means. Don’t look for means of spiritual advancement where there aren’t any: in psychology, other methods, or sciences. The entire work is done in the group.

There are the friends, and there is the study. The more we realize the advice of the Kabbalists, the more “assets” we will accumulate. There is nowhere to run from the place of the breaking, the place of our interconnection. By locating it, we will reveal the full depth of the spiritual system’s breaking that exists only between us. It is also here, between us, that we must discover unity, the spirit of life, joy, and aspiration toward the goal.

There are no other places to look. The key lies in our mutual aid. I must learn from the examples of others and show them examples in return. We must read about it together. By distracting ourselves in searching for recipes other than what the Kabbalists have left for us, we will only increase our confusion. There are no other means than the books, the teacher, and the friends.

Together, we have to look for the opportunity to reveal our connection or lack thereof, to reveal the need, the mutual guarantee, the energy, mutual support, and the Creator among us. If we focus all our work and fixate ourselves only on this place, we will achieve the result very quickly. Either we surrender and retreat, or we finally make it through this narrow pass and reach the goal.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/26/10, “They Helped Everyone His Friend”

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  1. I recently watched the Roshashana talk when Rav answered the women’s questions.
    Two things were made very clear:

    1)Women must do the same work as men: study, lessons, group and the Simulator.
    2)Rav’s continued surprise and irritation that the women kept asking similar questions about what their role and work was. He said men and women are equally important, so why do you keep having to ask?

    The reason women keep having to ask about their role is because they do not “see” they are equally important.

    Only men attend the lessons, so when you tell the men what to focus on, women are uncertain if the scrutiny/focus applies to them as well. If women were allowed to attend lessons, these questions would not have to be asked because they would “see” the instructions are meant for both men and women. If Israeli women are asking, globally we have the same questions that the presence of women at daily lessons would eliminate.
    Yes, we are all beasts and easily distracted; that’s why we have a Rav to keep us focused.

    In one of your talks you mention that Baal HaSulam allowed a certain woman to attend lessons because he felt she needed to. I feel this generation of women need to attend. I also feel the daily lessons, like the Congresses and Unity days, will be more powerful because we will be working together, as one.
    We will see and we will hear (so to speak)

    In Unity.

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