Infinite Rest With Infinite Speed

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why do we strive to achieve balance and absolute rest ingrained in our root, the World of Infinity, if you say that there, too, we experience ascents and descents, emptiness and fulfillment?

Answer: In the World of Infinity ascents and descents happen with infinite speed and frequency. This is exactly why we call this state “absolute” rest. The creature is alive only under the condition that it senses itself and its surroundings, and the sensation is built out of the “contact” of two opposite forces. It is said: “The sensation of Light originates from the sensation of darkness.” We perceive the interchange of various phenomena that are in “touch” with each other through their opposite qualities, such as “shadow and light.”

The state of Infinity means that the creature senses everything within itself simultaneously, and this is why such a state is considered “absolute rest.” This means that the creature exists at an infinitely high frequency of comparisons, contrasts, and judgments, all of which represent sensations.

This continuous frequency in particular allows the creature to be in all places of infinite space simultaneously. The sensation consists of impressions of deficiency and fulfillment (descent and ascent). The more often they happen in the creature, the higher the creature is on the ladder leading to perfection. The ability to be everywhere at the same time (with infinite frequency) means that we fill up space and sense rest. This is the End of the Correction of the Soul (Gmar Tikkun).

Quantum physicists haven’t yet discovered the fact that it is impossible to stop the movement of simple particles because it causes matter to disappear as they cannot exist without movement. Even if they managed to stop the particles, they would vanish since matter only exists in constant motion between two states: “emptiness or fulfillment.” By the way, quantum physicists confirm that a quantum can be in two places (states) at the same time.

Rest is not the absence of movement, but rather a continuous movement, which allows us to be in all places at the same time. Infinite speed doesn’t mean that I transition from one point to another instantly, but that I am in both at the same time. This is real rest.

From the Talk on The Light that Reforms 9/8/10

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  1. It’s been a long time, but I was once taught in some physics class that particles do stop moving when their temperature is reduced to absolute zero, and that they do not cease to exist because of this.

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