A Station With Infinite Energy

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Where do you get the energy for your inner work if you always have to keep the Creator concealed?

Answer: The energy comes from the Creator through the group. There is no other source of energy besides Him, and the group is the channel for it.

In the group, the energy or Light is expressed as a result of unity or similarity to the Creator. The Creator is present inside the unity of friends.

If you organize your work correctly, then you will understand that the Creator and the group are the same thing. The group is the model that enables you to reveal the inner force contained in it, called the Creator.

There is a source of energy, but you have to plug into it. The energy can only be consumed by a contactor (a socket) that is similar and opposite. The force of the energy’s flow depends on the thickness of contact in the group.

Through the group, I receive examples from the Creator. I start to see the group and its structure as the system of the worlds. Inside it I reveal the connections of the souls in the Upper Worlds.

The inner force of the group, which enlivens and sustains it is the Creator, the Upper Light.

From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/15/10, “What is the Advantage that There is in Work Which is More than the  Reward”

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