Signs Of Imminent Revelation

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Suppose, I want to purchase a car. I will gather all the information about the model’s advantages and benefits, and I can easily understand all these facts. But if I want to reach bestowal in spirituality, it appears to be something fleeting and incomprehensible. Why is it so confusing and what should I do about this?

Answer: That is a fair complaint on the part of a beginner who has just embarked on the spiritual path: Why there is no simplicity or clarity in spirituality? Why don’t we see the future and its advantages?

In this world, at the time we apply to a university, it is normal to know when we will graduate, the kind of work we will find afterward, and how much we will earn. The examples of other people who have already completed the same path enable us to invest the effort required to achieve the same result. Why is it not the same in spirituality? Why is it so puzzling and never clear at the outset? Where are we going in the first place? If after a lesson someone on the street asks me “What did you get there?”, I will have nothing to say.

And yet, having no answers is a clear sign that we are close to revelation since this is the only way for us to uncover the concealed. We can only get it from the sensation of shortage and deficit. It comes to us out of absence of…I don’t even know what! The sensation of insufficiency is in and of itself preparation for revelation.

Therefore, this feeling of yours is very useful. It is not pleasant, but it is correct and happens right before revelation, which can only occur to us from the state when we ask: “Where is it? Why? What for?” That is, it occurs from emptiness. It will always be like that, at any level.

Don’t worry about the states we are going through. Most important is that they change quickly! We have to go through all of them anyway. That is why we don’t care much about our sensations at any given moment. The frequency of change we experience is what matters. Only that!

It does not matter if I feel good or bad, am confused, or understand more or less. What counts is moving forward. Those who scrutinize their inner conditions procrastinate; that is not good. Always strive ahead and don’t think too much. Rapid progress is what is important.

From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/30/10, “Preface to the Wisdom of Kabbalah”

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