The System of the Future, Part 1

Dr. Michael LaitmanA question I received: What should the Internet system of the future look like? You mentioned that it should transmit Bnei Baruch’s atmosphere.

My Answer: That’s incorrect. This system should transmit the atmosphere described by the Kabbalists, the system that has to rule over in the future society. Our plan is to create a virtual society that is free and open for everyone; a society that teaches a person to live in accordance with spiritual laws. It should be done in a natural and kind way. It has to include elements of educational games that teach people to gradually start sensing nature and understanding why it influences us in a certain way, why we feel bad because of our being opposite to it, and how we should alter ourselves in order to feel better.

It should be a sort of man’s “adaptation” to nature. We exist in nature but we have no idea how opposite we are to it; this is the reason for our constant suffering. We have to create a “buffer” or rather an “adapter” between us and nature. That’s what we really need.

Question cont’d: But should this be a unique system that will convey the information about Kabbalah in its entirety?

My Answer: It should be similar to how we teach children to adjust to reality in this world, how to succeed to the extent that they take over this world, and how to use it to its maximum capacity. Of course, they don’t use it in the right way, and as a result they suffer. But still, it is possible to teach a person.

You take a little “monkey” that doesn’t know or understand anything whatsoever and develop it into an “intelligent person” that is capable of navigating this world and adapting to it in accordance with his own needs. The same applies to “education” in the spiritual world.

For that purpose, we are given the wisdom of Kabbalah. We possess some knowledge of it because this is what we are commanded to do. We are commanded to build such a society. But do we know how to construct it? Let’s start building a model of it together.

Question conti’d: The main problem is finding a method of transferring the knowledge we possess into a new Internet system and implementing it accordingly. It’s so complicated to convey the information in its entirety! Let’s say a person visits our site. What does he encounter as the user? What kind of site should it be?

My Answer: It should be a welcoming site that teaches him goodness and reveals the method of establishing correct connections with other people in this world and with himself. Gradually he begins to realize how beneficial it is and begins to understand that this is the only correct solution that exists.

The site has to provide examples based upon life within nature and human society along with illustrations based on other systems at all levels: inanimate, vegetative, and animate. The examples should clearly demonstrate the type of relationship we have to build with others on a human level.

It’s not impossible. We simply have to start building this system step by step. We don’t have any choice; otherwise, we will be forced to advance through the “blows of destiny.” Can we be called Homo sapiens if we move forward this way?

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  2. Dear Rav, I have been thinking about this topic and I really believe a virtual environment like you are talking about is a great support. Could one of the options be ‘just’ some sort of an interactive checklist? Visitors could be invited to just ‘check’ one of the new contacts they made (that day?) – business, private, doesn’t matter – on the intention behind the reason to make that contact… I really think you can make the right questions in the right words to make people aware of there intentions and – if necessary and depending on the specific responses in the interaction – help them focus on adjusting/fine-tuning to a positive connection… Is this a helpful thought…? Unfortunately I am not a computer expert so maybe I suggest something impossible… Warm regards, Jan Willem Bot / JanFromHolland

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