How Do We Find Our Point Of Freedom?

Dr. Michael LaitmanA question I received: Why did the Creator create the world the way it is? Why does He conceal Himself from our mind and senses? Why did He create us to be opposite to Him and to the ultimate goal?

My Answer:
He did this because He wanted to give us freedom. He wanted us to have a desire to reveal Him through our own free choice. He wanted us to want to become givers like Him. If we felt the Creator as He is right from the start, we wouldn’t object to it or want to do anything differently.

In the same manner, none of us wants to resist the egoism that rules over us. We automatically perform our egoistic program. Similarly, if the program of bestowal was instilled in us, we would automatically realize it as well, and then we would be called angels, “automatic” forces of nature. However, there is no freedom in either of these forms.

Freedom is only in the middle. It is between impurity and sanctity. This state is called Klipat Noga. It is the middle third of the quality of Tifferet.

The Creator must place us at the point of instability so that we won’t know how to balance, which way to sway. We don’t know what is good or what is evil, what to prefer or what to aspire to. This is where the point of our free choice is situated.

We form a line out of such points of free choice and progress from this moment up to the end of correction. Our only task is to understand the extent of the concealment and its forms and to realize the reasons and need for it. In this way, we build ourselves into an independent being.

The Creator has no other goal except our independence. After all, He needs an independent creature to delight. How can He delight a machine that He created and that He fully controls? However, to the extent that a creature becomes independent, the Creator receives pleasure by delighting it. Now there is someone that He can delight; there is someone who really exists.

That is why He did not create us to be good right away and did not give us the World of Infinity in the beginning. He was forced to create us to be opposite to Him and place us between two worlds. After all, precisely here in the middle, between these two worlds, where neither the Creator’s nor the creature’s rule is at work, in this neutral point that does not pertain to either the Creator or the creature, only there do we have freedom.

From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/8/10, Introduction to the Study of the Ten Sefirot

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  2. So, if one reaches that middle line of neutrality, where one is thoroughly uncertain of what action to take, and is not inclined toward ego or bestowal, how is a choice made without one knowing the choice to bestow is made purposely, thus breaking the neutrality? Is this simply done knowingly, but without desire or expectation of personal benefit?

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