Answers To Your Questions, Part 2

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Creator Is Absolute Good
Questions about the post "Kabbalists On The Purpose of Creation, Part 1"

Question: Right now I see the Creator as good that does good, even though I often scold  Him and believe that He is unfair to me and others. In the next moment, I can see Him negatively again. Is my ego painting this picture for me? How can I ask for MAN (prayer)?

My Answer: Study the articles of Rabash together with us. He is the only Kabbalist whose articles describe all the spiritual Laws in detail, as well as the states that a person goes through as he attains them.

Question: I quote: “The Creator is absolute goodness.” I want to feel the Creator, bestowal, all the time, but how do I feel it and to whom do I bestow? On the one hand, bestowal is absolute good, but on the other, it is simply a blind law. If we are desire, which is matter, and we must become similar to the Creator, what exactly are we supposed to become? By becoming similar to the Creator, we will turn into a different matter, a different substance, so what will we feel?

My Answer: You should know that there is no answer for this question. You will find your own answers through attainment. Answers to spiritual questions come only to the extent of your entrance into the spiritual quality of bestowal. This is possible only through a systematic and practical study of Kabbalah. All theorists will remain with their questions refuting Kabbalah disdainfully in an effort to justify themselves. All of your questions have already been answered on this site, so read up!

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