A Small Light Or A Blazing Fire

Dr. Michael LaitmanHow do we build a spiritual vessel from the point in the heart of every person, which is contained in his egoism? How do we elevate this point from the egoistic heart to the outside? How do we make it more important than all our egoistic desires and become concerned only with what happens in this point of spiritual aspiration?

To achieve this, we need the influence of the environment. We first have to lead our points in the heart to freedom from egoism, to the outside, and then to unify them. Their unification is crucial. The points in the heart are the means of connection among us; in this connection, we will feel the Creator. The stronger it will be, the more Light will be revealed in it.

A Small Light Or A Huge Fire

This connection resembles an electrical resistor since we resist and do not wish to unite with each other. But, if we nonetheless unite, we feel how the Light begins to ooze through this resistance. The Upper Light influences, warms it up, and I feel the manifestation of the Creator in it.

In other words, I do not destroy my ego as practiced by different “spiritual” methods which tear a person away from reality. I use my ego and precisely through the ego, I reach attainment. Thus “the higher a person rises, the more his egoism grows.”

It will be significantly harder for you to unite with others on the next degree. It seems that it should be the opposite since you have already done this work. But suddenly you will begin to feel, “Who did I get involved with? Who are these people?” This means that the real work has begun.

The more resistance there is among you, the higher you can rise and the greater the Light that you can reveal. Instead of the Light of Nefesh (a minor Light that fills a small, few watt “light bulb”), you unite despite of a huge resistance (R2 instead of R1) and reveal the Light of Ruach, which is billions of times greater than the Light of Nefesh. It’s like a small light compared to a huge fire.

From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/11/10, Shamati #50

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