A Rift Signifies The Desire To Unite

Dr. Michael LaitmanPreface to the Sulam Commentary,” Item 78: And when these Mochin emerge for the first time, it causes a rift between the right and the left. This is because the left line, which carries the illumination of Hochma, wishes to cancel the right line, which carries the Light of Hassadim.

The rift occurs if the two opposite sides want to unite. If there is nothing to connect or attract them, there would be no rift. In order for the rift to happen, the two objects have to be opposite to one another in nature, but nonetheless they aspire to unite in their desire. That is, two opposite tendencies must be present. On one hand, there should be the left and the right, and on the other, they have to be joined together.

How can they join together? If there is a desire greater than theirs, a more exalted goal, then each of them can forgo their nature and unite with something opposite that is above their own nature. This is the work of the left with respect to the right and the right with respect to the left. Both are willing to concede their foundations and achieve unity above their nature.

It arouses a rift, a conflict between their nature and intention with the intention being beyond their nature. The rift is possible only between two opposites which have something in common that is beyond them both. This common element is exactly what brings about the rift.

From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/27/10, “Preface to the Sulam Commentary”

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