The Psychological Change That Turns The World Around

Dr. Michael LaitmanA question I received: Why does Baal HaSulam write that the transition to bestowal is nothing more than a psychological problem? Then what is so difficult about it?

My Answer: The psychological problem consists of beginning to relate to everything that happens to an intentional external influence on you. Afterward, all the worlds will connect together for us. However, for the time being it poses a psychological problem for us.

We need to try to detach slightly from ourselves, as though we are looking at and evaluating ourselves from the side (drunk people sometimes experience a similar sensation of a double vision). We should continuously analyze ourselves and to say that everything that happens in our heart, mind, and life in general is the Creator fulfilling, controlling, and playing with us. "I" is not I, but His game, and I am watching this myself.

I have no other choice. I am completely driven by the inner fulfillment, which He gives me. However, He gave me an additional point from which I could look at myself and say, “Everything you think and everything you feel comes from Him.”

Question (continued): How does one rise above this state?

My Answer: You need to demand from Him to change your nature. The Creator gives you special, external circumstances all the time, and you need to ask Him to change the circumstances within you (your properties) and to bring them into agreement with the external ones (the Creator’s properties).

Suppose we enter a place with particular external circumstances, which we are unable to stand. Usually, in this case we wish to change the environment to suit us. A “psychological change,” however, is understanding that instead of changing external circumstances, we need to change ourselves to match the external circumstances since the externality cannot be changed. We can transform ourselves to resemble the new environment, and then we will feel comfortable in it. This is a psychological change, a new approach to the changes that humanity is going through today.

Even now, like during all times, we wish to change the nature that surrounds us and to arrange the world according to how we understand it. However, we have begun a different program, and this world (the Creator who arranges all this) now demands that we ourselves begin to change in the direction of the Creator.

New circumstances emerge around me: Darkness comes into the world, everything contracts, becomes more confusing, unclear, and scary. But rather than asking to change the world around me, I need to ask to change me.

From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/28/10, Shamati #16

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