Nothing Is More Whole Than A Broken Heart

Dr. Michael LaitmanA question I received: From time to time I witness your discussions about the state of the group and everyone. I am amazed that you are still so uncorrected and low; that the group is not a group yet, and there is no feeling of solidarity. Where is your advancement?

My Answer: Thank you for the question. Perhaps it will help you understand your own state. The higher a person rises, the more corrupt and weaker he sees the group and himself. This is because the Upper Light (Ohr Makif) shines on a person and he and the group see themselves in relation to the higher levels. When they talk about themselves and a stranger overhears them, he thinks that he is at the same level with them and even higher. The stranger does not see such problems in himself because he is measuring himself against the level he is currently on.

With regard to this, it is said that "only righteous people can follow the straight paths of the Creator." After they discover all the corruptness in themselves they justify the Creator who reveals such states to them because "There is none else besides Him."

For example, look how the people of Israel sin with every step they take towards the Torah on their spiritual path. Yet a stranger believes that he is better than those who have devoted themselves to spiritual advancement. This is because he does not have the three lines to go above oneself, against common sense. As it is said, "Torah’s view is opposite to that landlords." (Da’at Torah Afucha Mi Da’at Baal-Abaitim). Their incorrect (earthly, egoistic) understanding of our states distances them from us and this is best for all of us.

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