Every Day Is A New Sky And A New Earth

Dr. Michael LaitmanIf I don’t reveal a new “letter,” “word,” “sentence,” or “page” in my “Book of Life” at every given moment, I should be worried: Why don’t I have any sense of renewal, and why did I descend to an animal existence? Humanity is constantly looking for new fulfillment (by developing science, technology, and different kinds of entertainment) just to feel as though life goes on and everything changes. However, when a person receives something new, he sees that it fails to fulfill him. This is because nature pushes us to develop new Reshimot as we approach a new world.

Our story will be renewed and will move ahead. There will be new skies, which also means a new earth, or a new desire. The skies mean Bina, and if this force that comes from the skies (the force of Bina) rouses the Light in us, within Malchut, this will bring us the sense of renewal in life.

Everything advances only due to the Light that comes and reveals new desires, Reshimot, in us. We need to make sure that the environment and the books constantly rouse new desires in us, and that new times come to us. This should become a normal routine for us: Something new should be revealed all the time.

We cannot allow ourselves to simply drift with the flow of life; we need to constantly rouse it ourselves. Don’t wait for changes from Above. Every change should occur from a person’s demand; this is the only way for one to open the Book from the start. “Not the dawn awakes me, but rather I wake the dawn!” All the Light needs to come due to my request. Otherwise, darkness will force me to act, rather than Light….

From the preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/28/10, Shamati

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