Can One Study Spanish Like The Zohar?

Dr. Michael LaitmanA question I received: In Kabbalah, advancement depends on the intention and desire to learn the material. Is it possible to study a new language by building the right intention? Suppose I want to learn Spanish. I don’t understand it, but I want a textbook to influence me. I apply effort and maintain my desire to gain knowledge of it. Will I learn Spanish this way? Or does this method apply solely to Kabbalistic books, such as The Zohar?

My Answer: The Zohar doesn’t need your understanding, meaning that you don’t have to comprehend it to become a Kabbalist. You won’t really understand anything until you actually become a Kabbalist; whatever The Zohar describes will be concealed from you.

You read The Zohar only to attract the Upper Light. When the Upper Light begins influencing you and raises you to a new level, then you will obtain a vision of what you read. Only then will you understand it. Until the Upper Light elevates you, The Zohar will remain a mystery for you.

Question cont’d: So I won’t learn Spanish without understanding it? In other words, I can’t put a Spanish textbook in front of me and wait until it influences me. It won’t happen.

My Answer: No, a Spanish textbook won’t influence you, but The Zohar will. When it comes to The Zohar, it doesn’t depend on knowledge, but solely on the impact of the Upper Light on you.

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