An Exciting Adventure Without Leaving Your Room

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Zohar seemingly tells us a simple story. It describes the same things over and again, but from different levels and degrees, and in various terms and situations. We can’t help but wonder: “Why does it come back to the same thing all the time? How much can we read about the same thing?”

However, we should understand that if a person goes through these states while reading The Zohar, then it is not the same thing at all. He experiences a new adventure each time. It may be described in the same words, but that is because there is nothing in reality except ten Sefirot and three lines, meaning the four letters of HaVaYaH, multiplied by the three lines, which equal twelve parts.

If the desire and the screen change in us, then new qualities are constantly revealed, such as sounds, smells, and tastes. From beginning to end, the picture changes every time, and we experience new impressions and sensations every day.

Therefore, although we may wonder how many times it can be repeated (and the text of The Zohar is merely five percent of what originally existed), every page and every word is a completely unique experience for those with spiritual attainment. Let’s hope each of us will be able to feel The Zohar in this manner.

From the Evening Zohar Lesson 5/13/10

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