A Deficiency Without A Deficiency

Laitman_170A Question I Received: How can we feel a deficiency for bestowal if this deficiency did not exist in the Creator?

My Answer: The Creator’s desire to bestow comes from perfection. However, if we wish to remain creatures and to differ from the Creator, bestowal within us cannot come from perfection. Therefore, our need for bestowal should come from a feeling of deficiency.

Yet the need to love based on a feeling of a deficiency is not good since then it seems that I wish to love Him for the sake of creating a better situation for myself. Therefore, we have to build within ourselves a need not based on deficiency, but rather to be above our nature for the sake of bestowal. Thus the desire to receive has to remain in me, but above it I have to build the desire to bestow.

The Creator is perfect and His love comes from perfection. The creature’s love cannot come from perfection, so what kind of love is this? A person needs to achieve a feeling of “a deficiency without a deficiency,” meaning a “double vessel (desire),” so that likewise, our love would seemingly come from perfection. Then our love would be truly pure.

The whole process is already determined by the final state – the only state that exists and was created by the Creator.  However, in relation to us, it unwinds in a sequence of states, like a carpet being rolled down the stairs toward us.

From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/3/10, Article “Matan Torah”

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