The Internet Is A Unique Means To Connect

Dr. Michael LaitmanLately, as the systemic global crisis becomes more apparent, there is a sense that it’s necessary to create a proper system of global functioning. Baal HaSulam writes that we have to transform our society according to new conditions, which are nature’s demands. The crisis is making it apparent that we have to become similar to nature or the general interconnection.

I see that it is possible to gradually implement relationships of love and bestowal which are similar to nature. This can be done in the virtual realm; there all the people in the world can feel connected with one another and experience their existence together. Out of all the existing means of communication, only the Internet can serve as this place of connection; it can’t be done through television, newspapers, or books.

Only the World Wide Web, the Internet, can satisfy the demands of dissemination and unification in order to create a global system of upbringing for children and adults alike. Only it can provide the global connection in order to form a common force of unity. Then we will all feel each other through the channels of connection, and reach a spiritual connection.

A Talk about a New Internet 4/4/10

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