The Global System Of The Future Society

Laitman_0001We want to build a global system that will serve as a new kind of connection for humanity. It will bring people into situations where they will discern that due to the laws of nature, it pays more to bestow and be close to others. Eventually people will come to experience everyone as one organism.

This will be a system of education that will make a person feel how, step by step, he is being taught about the laws and rules of the new society. These laws are derived from attainment of the general system of nature, of which we are part. Similarity to the main law, “love your neighbor,” is universal and primary. Everything else is a derivative from it. (See Baal HaSulam’s article, “One Law.”)

The connections that will develop within this system will turn it into a virtual state where people will bring a spiritual component into the virtual connection. Within this system people will begin to create connections among them that are inherent even in our mundane lives. From the new awareness of the right relationships, they will also begin creating the appropriate connections in business, family, and others.

Gradually, all forms of connection among people will develop within this system, until it comes to replace all the systems of egoistic connection. The latter is what appears to unite people today, although in reality it only separates people and puts them at odds with one another.

The nature, goal, and influence of the new system upon every person is completely different. It has to contain an intellect, an ability to learn and teach the people that use it, as well as to give advice to those who set it in motion. It also has to listen to their suggestions regarding which changes must be executed in the connection among people so they gradually advance to closer connections among each other, until reaching a connection that is above egoism.

From A Talk about a New Internet 4/4/10

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  1. What about people who do not have internet, or computer, or 70 and older and not computer friendly?

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