Feeling Light’s “Breath”

Laitman_043We can demand from the Light all the necessary corrections and fulfillments. All that we can possibly imagine already exists in the Light, since it is our source which has created us.

When we draw the Light via our actions (study, group work, dissemination of Kabbalah), the Light starts working on us, and after some time we begin to feel as though we face something unknown. That means the Light is approaching us; although we don’t yet see it, we feel its “breath” (Ruach) on us. Then we begin to take certain actions, afraid of losing the sensation of this Light.

Being afraid that the Light will vanish, we begin to build a relationship with it. It is a relationship of bestowal for the Light lets us know that if we don’t want to lose it, we must bestow. We begin to constantly check ourselves, striving to hold the intention and qualities that let us exit our ego. We then feel the Light’s presence, either around or inside of us.

That is how a person begins to build a “shadow” on his innate, natural desire to receive pleasure. The Light conducts an exercise on us by seemingly telling us: “Do you want to feel me? Then this is what you have to do. Otherwise I will vanish from you…” Gradually this game teaches a person to remain “in the shadow” until it becomes his second nature.

After acquiring a second nature, a person already wants to stay “in the shadow”; he feels that it is a special state, an ascent over his individual calculations. Thus one comes from “Lo Lishma” to “Lishma.” He sees that this state exudes eternity and perfection, meaning it is good for him. He begins to value the state itself, the very quality of love and bestowal toward others.

All this is done to us by the Light via this game when it draws closer and pulls away, casting a shadow from the side of the Light, and then from the side of the person. First the person conceals his egoistic desire, then the Light conceals itself, taking turns. This is how a person gradually builds his anti-egoistic screen (Masach).

From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/16/10, Shamati #39

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