The Upper Light Will Appear Through The Fog

Dr. Michael Laitman The study of The Zohar consists of several stages. In order for the Light to affect us, we need to continually return to the text. The Light performs its work time after time, and we begin to feel the text with a better understanding.

Our first inner reactions mark the beginning of attainment and this will initiate the enabling of our understanding the text. After all, when we read The Zohar for the first time, it is in order to create the ability to perceive the vessel (Kli) within us.

The Light doesn’t enter when it comes for the first time, but only creates the desire for Light. This desire is not considered to be selfish (evil) because it cannot yet be comprehended since there is no Kli for it. Only the repetition of it is considered evil; and the repetition creates an impression. This is why for now we simply need to keep reading, and later on we will have something to speak about. Suddenly impressions will appear within us, and the Upper Light will appear through the fog.

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  1. Thank you, the more I read your blog the more I find courage to read further.

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