The Abyss Between Darkness And Light

Laitman_420_04 There are four stages or phases in the level of connection between us when we build the vessel of our common soul (Kli) to be corrected by the Light. It is only when we reach the last phase that we attain the full depth of the entire creation from beginning to end and from end to beginning. All of this is attained in the depth of connection between the souls.

The opportunity to attain the full depth of creation was revealed as a consequence of the breaking of the common soul. Previously, before the breaking, we were connected; however, there was no attainment or understanding in this connection; there was no perception of the essence of creation. Only after the breaking was the abyss, the gap between the parts of reality or the souls, revealed. Along with the revelation of the abyss, the opportunity to attain understanding of the connection and correction of it was presented.

Instead of having the natural connection that the Light enabled to exist before the breaking, with the breaking and then the revelation of the contradictions and hatred between us, we now have the basis for realizing our connection upon these revelations, and the correction of the revealed hatred above it.

By connecting all the souls, we reveal the five stages of Aviut (coarseness of the desire) in the connection between us. We correct it and then this Aviut turns into Zakut (purity of desire).

Through this process, as we reveal the hatred between us and the connection above it, we will reach the attainment. Then, we can feel the full depth of the darkness of the abyss that exists between us in the fourth stage of the desire (Aviut), as well as, the connection, love, and the Light that we evoke from Above, which is the purity of our desires (Zakut).

This abyss between the darkness and the Light that becomes revealed in the connection between us is called the attainment of the spiritual world, the Creator, or the thought of creation. There we will attain our self-fulfillment.

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