Heaven And Hell Are “Frames” We Experience Within

Laitman_028_08The Zohar, Chapter “VaYaera (And The Lord Appeared),” Item 258: The Din (judgement) that the Creator executed in the flood and the Din in Sodom were both Dinim of hell, since the wicked in hell are sentenced by water and by fire.

Item 259: Sodom was sentenced by the judgment of hell, as it is written, “And the Lord rained on Sodom and Gomorrah brimstone and fire from the Lord out of heaven.” One was sentenced with water, one was sentenced with fire. And both are sentences of hell. And the wicked in hell are sentenced by these two discernments, for there is hell of snow, which is water, and there is hell of fire.

We have to understand that we make all the discernments within us, while reality itself does not change. I am in the World of Infinity even now, and nothing can ever change in the existing reality. The only thing that changes is my own perception, sensation, awareness, understanding and assessment. These changes are what I feel.

It is written, “Every person judges to the degree of his own shortcoming.” In other words, I depict a picture within me according to my assessment of the World of Infinity. This is why heaven and hell, good and evil, and judgment by fire and water are different levels of my attitude to a static, unchanging picture. It is written, “I did not change My HaVaYaH.”

We depict our own reality inside ourselves with our attitude to a constant state. Everything depends on our qualities, perception, and assessment of the World of Infinity, the Creator, the Light, absolute bestowal.

Heaven, hell, and different kinds of judgment are all states that I reveal inside myself. Nothing changes on the outside. Everything is determined by the change that takes place in my consciousness or my vision. In other words, everything depends on me and my inner values, qualities, and foundations.

It follows that everything depends on education and a society that will help me to change my foundations. That is how I can develop a more accurate attitude to the unchanging reality. The faster I will be able to change my inner qualities, the faster I will go from one “frame” to the next.

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  1. Can you double check this sentence “I did not change My HaVaYaH.”? Why is it in the passed tense? Isn’t it supposed to be “I the Lord do not change.”?

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