Everything Depends On The Dissemination Of Kabbalah

Isaac Newton and Kabbalah We’re aspiring to attain the spiritual world, but we need to attain the whole of it. By attaining just a small part of it, we’re unable to understand where we are and what’s happening to us. It’s difficult to discern anything until we attain the whole. We don’t understand the real picture. A person needs to study, build the intentions, and find the relationships between phenomena in order to grasp a perception of the whole. In other words, one needs to attain the entire Light (NaRaNHaY) of the existing level.

Therefore, it only harms a person if he is engaged in activities that don’t draw the Light that Reforms. After all, the egoistic desires are constantly growing in every person. If they don’t receive correction, they become more powerful. As a result, we exist in the material world which becomes more and more corrupt. We’re the ones who are making it this way because the world is a copy or a reflection of our inner state.

If we don’t disseminate the wisdom of Kabbalah, we won’t know the purpose of our existence, our goal, predestination, and why we’ve been given the method for correction. We won’t know the path we are on, and the reason it’s so difficult. We won’t know the causes and effects of what’s happening in reality.

This is why everything depends on the dissemination of Kabbalah, and how much we use it according to its purpose. This is especially relevant in today’s generation. It compels us to action because today the breaking is becoming apparent at a global level.

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