Escaping From Yourself Into Another

Dr. Michael Laitman What does escaping from yourself, from your Egypt mean?

I grab onto everything that I can possibly carry and run just to hide myself. But where is there to run, if there is sheer Egyptian darkness around me? I am locked within my desire, so where can I run from it? After all, I don’t have anything else.

I may be incapable of doing this on my own, but I need to aspire to it. Otherwise, I have no chance to survive. A person takes all the vessels of the Egyptians and runs from Egypt at night, in the dark. Where can he run if there is darkness around him? The next state is also dark, but he feels that it is closer to freedom.

Even if I hate others right now and I am not connected to them, I still know that the next state is more advanced. In other words, I come out of my desires into the desires of my neighbor as much as I possibly can. I simply run away. However, I don’t see any Light in them for the time being. I need to show my readiness to come out of them in spite of the darkness.

I achieve the Final Sea (the Red Sea), and I’m ready to jump into it, since I see that there is nothing shining to me in the back, and I am incapable of remaining in my ego any longer. I am ready to kill it just to enter the common desires, the desires of my neighbor.

Despite the fact that I won’t receive anything for myself there, I see that the next degree, a spiritual one, is situated there. A person understands that the external desires of other people are a higher degree in regard to one’s own, inner desires.

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  1. I know all is from the Creator, but what do I do when I feel alone in the study of Kabbalah, my family, husband, and friends are not interested at all in what the Creator is doing with my soul?

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