Entering The System Rashbi Created

Laitman_717 In order to enter and become part of the system that Rashbi has created for us, one first needs to experience the state of a spiritual embryo (Ibur). I try to cancel myself in that state. With the help of the current Kabbalistic group, I cancel my egoism. Together with this group, I wish to attach myself to the Upper System that the Kabbalists speak of and to grow there.

I begin to find myself in a group higher than my own to the extent of my ability to annul myself before the group. Then, I begin to see forces of even higher systems operating between myself and my friends to the extent of my strengthening my connection with the others.

The system of Rashbi helps me with this. In this system, the same group of Kabbalists that had corrected itself to the 125th degree during the times of the breaking of the common soul, at first serves as the mother’s womb for me (in my state of Ibur), and then nurses me (Chagat), and carries the Light of Mochin to me (Chabad). All the Light that passes through the three lines to the broken souls is passed through this carrier which connects us to the World of Infinity.

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  1. I don’t have a group to study live, just on the internet. And I don’t know if here in Mexico there are Kabbalists near from where I am (Guanajuato). I guess they don’t have the attainment of Rav Laitman already. Do I have a chance of attainment in this situation? My situation right now allows me to see videos of everyday kabbalah lessons and read some texts, even trying with the Zohar on video, but with no structure. I have the books for beginners from arionline but I’m reading randomly, yes my way to see life and perceive reality is transforming fast, I think that my desires too, of course don’t have real “technical” knowledge yet. Do I need the group live, or the group for me is on the internet?

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