Entering The Spiritual World

Dr. Michael Laitman The Zohar tells us about the upper system which includes all of us. However, there is no need to explain it in great detail, because we simply follow the story and wait for it to influence us. Then the picture becomes clearer, as though appearing through the fog. It’s like a child who gradually becomes familiar with the world, learning about various things around him, how they’re connected, and how to use them.

Similarly, we naturally grow this way in the new world. Now we’re approaching that world and it is beginning to emerge more clearly before us. First we begin to “hear” something, and later on we start to recognize these sounds. This is the way we enter the sensations of the spiritual world.

Therefore, it doesn’t make sense to explain a lot since spirituality must be revealed in sensation, inside the desire rather than inside the mind. Instead of studying spirituality theoretically and being satisfied with that, we have to enter the spiritual world.


  1. It is amazing how many of your blog entries fit exactly with and expand upon what I am experiencing at the moment.

    Thanks, Scott

  2. Now I am glad to know that spirituality is base on sensations, because I feel that in our days the mind is too easy to manipulate from outside. So thank you for this news.

  3. How do we transcend the sensation of the physical and the mental worlds and go beyond to experience the spiritual sensations?

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