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myth A question I received: If I hold the correct intention during The Zohar study, should I feel some results?

My answer: We do not know whether our intention is correct or not. Quite possibly I am in a special mood and feel excited; I slept well and perceive everything very clearly. So it seems to me that my intention is sublime, right on the spiritual goal. And sometimes I can barely keep awake, drifting into sleep and waking up again, or I suddenly recall some past events.

We don’t know how it works; every person is continuously given special circumstances and efforts he has to make. The most important thing is to simply continue, whatever the outcome. One should only try to imagine the spiritual picture that The Zohar describes in every situation. It could be very hard to accomplish this, but even if one is in the most difficult state, he nevertheless manages to catch “the end of the rope,” then he attains a much greater success than if he felt inspired from the beginning.

Of course we shouldn’t disregard the states of excitement that are given to us, but we also should not pay too much attention to the inner or outer conditions we find ourselves in. Whatever the conditions given to a person, are the conditions under which he should try to do everything possible.


  1. If a person is on the path of correction then what does it mean to feel results? Our progress, according to Kabbalists, is guaranteed if we proceed and is not wanting to see immediate results hoping for day? And the Kabbalists tell us that this is really night! And of course a person can’t come to Lishma if he studies to be rewarded and that should be one’s goal with the study.


  2. dave, of course we study so we feel “rewards”! the rewards are again a perception! what sort of rewardare you hopingfor? reward in this context (for me..) means i will now have more to ‘draw’ from when assisting ohters along their path. as wel.. it also means that i am enriched with enlightenment along my own path with new tools for clarity and directions!
    what is your perception of reward?

  3. The results and the awarness about them should be kept in consideration as a sign of the spiritual transformation in act.
    One of the effects, as Mr.Laitman said, is an extremely clear perception ot the surrounding world, for a certain period of time, a perception wich can’t be described by words, but is a strong and strange perception of the “matter” around us included the own body, everything perceived as a phantasmagory, a sort of dream or dejavu, the memories of far past events became as real as the present, and the mind feels clear as a crystal.

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