Change Yourself And Everything Will Change

Dr. Michael Laitman A question I received: If I am surrounded by parts of my own soul, why can’t I force them to awaken to spirituality?

My Answer: There can be no coercion of this sort; there is no coercion in spirituality. Those surrounding you are not parts of your soul yet. If you already felt them as your own, then you would become connected to them and awaken them.

The awakening would come from your love. Currently, you want to awaken them due to your egoism, by force, using your power. This is forbidden to do! When you correct yourself and begin to love your neighbor like yourself, your view will change. You will see that everyone else is corrected, and you will not want to change anything by force at all.

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  1. If the Creator has a desire to do good to his creatures it is not a will to receive in Him?

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