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Dr. Michael Laitman A question I received: How does the Light that Reforms work when we read The Book of Zohar?

My Answer: I have a desire to understand what is written in The Book of Zohar. I ask the Light to give me this opportunity. What does it do? It changes the intentions over the desire in me. This change works so that within this desire I begin to understand what is written in The Zohar. Everything I feel, hear, see, and think now is presented in my desire. The whole reality is carried out in it.

If I read a book and I don’t understand it, it is because my desire or my sense (Kli) does not perceive what is written in the book. How can I perceive it? This is possible only if some force comes and changes my desire. After all, my reality is clothed in my desire. The Light that shines within the desire creates all these forms for me. My perception and understanding change only if my desire changes. Therefore, all my aspirations, all my appeals are to the Light, for it to change these forms for me. In response, it changes them by changing the desire.

Within an improved desire I begin to feel new, more perfect qualities, the next degrees. Always the Light itself is constant. To the extent that our desire changes, we will begin to perceive a new and different reality. This is precisely what we need. After all, everything is a result of a change within the desire. And this change is performed by the Light.

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  1. Sir,
    A desire arises in spiritual world out of a need, situation, anticipation or perspective, whether for bestowal or egoistic, nature, expectations. Change of intention behind desire may lead to change of perspective, but will it cause expectations or intentions buried deep in the subconscious or will it erupt at some other place or time or form again. How do we identify such recurrences of such intentions and eliminate them? Please guide.

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