An Open Door Upward

Dr. Michael Laitman The most important thing in spiritual development is educating children and adults. A person needs to be educated for a new reality. Gently and lovingly, the world in which he exists needs to be opened for him, so that he can understand the reasons for suffering, and so he can acquire a positive goal. This development needs to occur warmly, like in an incubator. In such a loving way, a person will feel that it is worthwhile for him to open up his eyes slightly in order to find out how to realize his life in a better way.

We can use as an example the work of American author, Dale Carnegie, who explained how a person can look at the world differently. He taught people a new outlook on life, on a simple, psychological level; it made life sweet for people. A person’s life did not change materially after reading Carnegie’s approach, but it became easier to live, and people liked this. They took it as a psychological medicine, like an elixir of life.

We have the real elixir of life to share with the world. We have already performed a great amount of work, and we are ready for people who come to Kabbalah actively seeking spiritual advancement. We have already built a degree that allows one to touch upon spirituality and to advance further. We have opened the door, which a person can walk through.

Before this, there were no comprehensible books, no translations into dozens of languages – and now all this exists, in all the different types of media. Therefore, now instead of just paying attention to those who are already knocking on our door, wishing to return to the spiritual world, we need to go outside of our premises and reach every person.

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