All Changes Start Within

Dr. Michael LaitmanEverything starts with education. We need to build an educational system, an environment that will influence every person to want to change his qualities to the qualities of the Creator.

By changing one’s inner qualities, this in turn, impacts and changes all other systems: connections between people, connections with the environment, family relationships, industry, business, science, and culture – everything! The whole of life will change as a result of people’s inner changes, and so first we need to focus on helping promote these internal changes. Therefore, the first step is education.

Without education, we have nothing to talk about. Without it, a person will not understand or agree with anything. So first, we need to take him and begin to build an incubator around him, the nurturing environment which will correct him.

After all, if we were to start change anywhere else, like with a new system of economics and culture, with whom would we build it? If it were with the same people as before, what changes could we possibly expect to see in the system? Starting from scratch, we need first to lay the foundation. This foundation needs to be established in the basis of Kabbalah, by those who understand Kabbalistic books, who can explain the wisdom, and share how to treat people differently, how to perceive the world correctly, how to see the goal we are aiming for, and how to achieve it.

All the changes in society are carried out through a change in a person, by his changing his priorities. Therefore, there is no more important task than a Kabbalistic upbringing.

What should a Kabbalistic upbringing be like? What does an incubator do as it hatches eggs? It heats them up, providing them with the most favorable environment for their development at every given moment. The incubator changes, adjusts itself to the conditions that are necessary for the future nestlings. We need to provide people with what suits their condition. We cannot offer people what they don’t wish to accept now and what is not currently to their benefit.

If a child does not like the medicine, he will refuse to swallow it. Therefore, the medicine needs to be in a sweet coating. We need to think about this even now, since the whole world is separated into two halves: an internal and an external one. We have almost completed our work with the internal half, and we are moving on to the external one; we need to develop a completely different approach for these people.

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