Egoism and Its Manifestations

Egoism and Its ManifestationsScientists Prescribe: A Pill for Greed
Greed – is not a defect, but an attribute of the body. A hormone called oxytocin is responsible for expressions of generosity – discovered American biochemists.

In order to prove this hypothesis, the scientists carried out an experiment: the first group of volunteers were given oxytocin, the second – a placebo. Then, all the participants were offered to help a stranger in need. Those who took the pill gave the stranger 80% more money than the others.

So, altruism shifted from a moral category to a hormonal one. And as it seems, the pill for greed will soon be available in pharmacies.

What’s your opinion?
Is it possible to find a remedy for our egoism, for all of its collective manifestations – envy, vanity, pride, grandeur, power and so on – for all of them together? Suppress them – and what would come out of it, what kind of a person would you be? Would you want this kind of transformation for yourself?

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  1. I would if everyone else took it too. Maybe if we put this hormone in the tap watter – this would at least make life less painful for everybody.

  2. Well, I’m not sure I would want that. I’d prefer control that "bad" feelings by myself.

  3. it will certainly be a pretty planet 🙂

  4. But there is such a pill,only it’s concealed for our own good.

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