There Is No Reality

There Is No RealityThe world does not have a reality of its own – man’s uncorrected perception paints the world for him.

Nazism – The Future of Humankind?

Nazism – The Future of Humankind?In developed countries, globalization is already unpopular:

The right – defend the economy and the trade industry from foreign products.

The left – support unions, which see international competition as an unemployment threat, and imported goods and immigrants bring about lower wages.

Since the parties seek electoral votes, they start showing dissent toward globalization, multinational corporations and international banks. Antiglobalism appears, a movement toward the resurgence of the nation and against international goods and immigrants. This process results in fascism and Nazism, just like it had emerged in early 20th century Germany.

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To Feel The Harmony Of Eternal Nature

To Feel the Harmony of Eternal NatureScientists have discovered that the appendix, which used to be considered a useless and even problematic organ, plays an important role in a persons’ immune system: It serves as a place for the appearance of bacteria, which are necessary for proper intestinal function.

A person in our world, due to his limits, doesn’t understand how fragmented his knowledge of the world is – but uses it to draw conclusions about the world. It thus seems to him that certain things in nature are redundant, unnecessary, and that some occurrences or properties are even harmful; and he wants to get rid of them. He doesn’t understand that evil – is only within him, in his egoism – and besides his egoism, the whole of nature exists in harmony. It is precisely because of his egoism that man is unable to see, feel and enjoy such harmony. [Read more →]