When The Awakening Departs

534Rabash, “You Stand Today,” 471: Likewise, when a person feels the love of the Creator, he understands that it is worthwhile to leave other loves for the love of the Creator. But later, when the awakening passes away from him and he no longer feels the love of the Creator, he will want to return to the other loves that he had already decided to toss away.

At that time, a person needs the covenant and [to] maintain the same conduct that he had while he felt the love of the Creator, although now he has no feeling whatsoever. Then, the work must be compulsory, to enslave himself to the covenant that he had made before. This is called “that you may enter into the covenant.”

Question: If there is no more love, it is necessary to make a covenant in order to forcefully return to the state of love. What kind of covenant is it?

Answer: If I realize with my mind that everything comes from the Creator and that everything around and inside of me is absolutely good, I make a commitment that I will continuously reveal this state in me, and not for the sake of making me feel good about it, of course it will be good for me, but for the sake of bestowing pleasure to the Creator.

I do not want to think bad of Him, speak bad of Him, begrudge Him, and see evil in everything. I must correct all the evil in me, and then I will see absolute good around me.

Question: Is it possible to control your feelings and emotions? A state comes and that is it.

Answer: I ask the Creator to help me in this. Without turning to the Creator, without an insistent and repetitive request, I will not achieve anything.

Question: That is, I cannot fulfill this covenant by myself?

Answer: Of course not. Only if you ask Him.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 12/14/21

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