Source Of Disease

294.2 In the News (Discover): “Tiny robots, just micro- or nanometers in length, could fit inside the infrastructure of our bodies, performing medical tasks with precision. Small robots could swim through blood vessels to clear dangerous blockages, or deliver anticancer drugs straight to tumors. Instead of an operation, future hospital visits might consist of a pill and a little observation. 

“The Doctor Is In … Your Bloodstream”

Comment: Some speculate that this will allow people to live forever.

My Response: I don’t know who needs it. In my opinion with our current approach we are beginning to more correctly relate to life. We do not want children; we do not want to live on our own. Therefore, we prolong life.

First, we won’t be able to do it. There is no way we can get rid of disease. It is a demonstration of our inner selfish attitude toward each other and you can’t get away from this. That is, this is an external demonstration of internal problems, problems at the spiritual level. Therefore they will not disappear.

And we just want to make patches, some external cosmetic fixes. From this a person will not become happier or healthier. Even if he has pills that help him to prolong old age, it will not bring happiness.

Without healing the root of the problem, we naturally will not achieve anything good in its outward demonstration.
From KabTV’s “Close-up. Anamnesis” 2/19/10

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