Reasons For Anti-Semitism

727Question: In 1938, Einstein wrote in an article entitled “Antisemitismus,” “Why Do They Hate the Jews?,” “In brief, we may call it the process by which dislike and hatred of a given person or group are diverted to another person or group incapable of effective defense. … Why did the Jews so often happen to draw the hatred of the masses? Primarily because there are Jews among almost all nations and because they are everywhere too thinly scattered to defend themselves against violent attack.” In addition, “Almost beyond imagination were the charges brought against them, charges known to their instigators to be untrue all the while, but which time and again influenced the masses.”

How does Kabbalah explain the reasons for antisemitism? Why are Jews hated even in countries where they have never been seen?

Answer: Explaining the source of antisemitism, Einstein, of course, is far from being a genius. I have read his publications on these topics as well as those of many other great people. Not understanding the spiritual root of what was happening, they picked up certain connections and laws from the corporeal world. But true connections exist only at the spiritual level.

Therefore, everything they say on this topic is completely wrong. That is, some of their observations may be partially true and partially not, but the foundations are completely wrong.

If Jews did not have the Kabbalistic methodology that should correct our world and bring all of humanity to perfection, then the world would not have any complaints against them. And now completely different people suddenly begin to assert that Jews are the cause of all evil in the world.

And in fact, it is true because so long as  the world is corrected and some people have the “key” to its correction, then they are to blame for what is happening in the world. We must quickly pass on this “key” to everyone else.

In humanity, this feeling exists at a subconscious level because we are all children of nature. Nature develops us and people feel it internally. The world feels its dependence on Jews.

The internal demand for correction, for the fact that we should exist on a different level is externally expressed in the form of antisemitism.

In addition, since the development of Jews happened in order to bring the world to correction, in accordance with this, they have a huge potential for studying, understanding, correcting, and developing the world.

And we see that in sciences, arts, in everything where they make efforts, they achieve results hundreds of times greater than everyone else. This comes from their spiritual disposition.

This phenomenon is confirmed by statistics. Despite antisemitism, facts and figures speak for themselves. Jews are always at the head of all kinds of movements in science, art, politics, jurisprudence, everything. They are obliged to fulfill their spiritual task.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Expulsion” 12/11/09

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