Praise The Group

938.04The Creator has created a special condition: a group with the help of which we can come to Him. Otherwise, we could not have come and would have remained at our level in an egoistic existence.

The group is a wonderful, special quality created in caring for us. This is Adam’s soul, which has shattered, and a part of it is in each of us. When we gather in a group, we must gather them together, and then we can come to the Creator.

In fact, we have a huge, amazing, unique opportunity, to gather together on our earthly level, to gradually bring this gathering of ours to a spiritual level in at least something. By the similarity of our striving, even still egoistically, we evoke the influence of the upper light, the Creator, and thus begin to pull ourselves up to Him.

This is the way to become like Him, to rise above ourselves, and to get closer to the Creator. All this is the group! Only through it will we be able to make this journey. Otherwise, we remain at the lowest level (animate) in which we were born.

The group is a special tool and the only way to rise from the level of an animal to the level of the Creator.
From the International Convention “Rising Above Ourselves” 1/7/22, “Annulling before the Friends” Lesson 2

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