How Can You See Prophecies Coming True?

278.02Question: Can the prophetic text have any higher meaning or additional information?

Answer: Naturally, but only for those who can read and understand it correctly. The material world has no appearance at all, it is painted in our senses. Therefore, to say that the prophet divined something to us…

First, he is not a fortune teller or a magician, he simply tells us how nature develops. Nature, and not some kind of legends, fairy tales, or mystical actions. To understand what the prophet says, you need to understand the very language of prophecy and what needs to be done to be at its level.

Look next to us in this world, there are many different objects: inanimate, vegetative, and animate. We, as it were, differ from animals, we rise a little from the animate level to the level of a human. Will the world change for the other levels if a person, according to the prophecy, starts to change somehow? Dogs, cats, wild animals, and vegetation will they also change or not?

The problem is that you must be at such a level to see the change in nature and understand that it is going in one direction or another. This happens according to your education, upbringing, and with your spiritual development. Then you will see that the prophecies are coming true.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 12/21/21

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