Annulment Is The Condition For Revelation Of The Creator

544The most important is for each and every one to annul himself completely and not think of himself as righteous or that he counts at all among the friends. He should only see that his actions do not blemish the society. Although it seems as though he is a great person, he should nonetheless look into his actions and think, “What make me great?” and annul himself completely.

It is known that in every ten there is Shechina [Divinity], and this is a complete level. In a complete level, there are head, hands, legs, and heels. It follows that when every person regards himself as nothing in society, then he regards himself as a heel compared to the society, while they are the head, the body, and the higher organs. When each one thinks of himself in this way, they make the gates of abundance and every lushness in the world open up to them. (Maor VaShemesh, “Ekev”)

If people annul themselves before each other, each one toward the group, then they create conditions in it for the revelation of the Creator. This is how we should act.

After all, by annulling yourself toward the others, learning from them, looking at them, and inspiring them, you create such a condition that the Creator is revealed within you. He will not be revealed within one person, but only in the attitude of a person to the group, and only to the extent that this attitude is correct.
From the International Convention “Rising Above Ourselves” 1/7/22, “Annulling before the Friends” Lesson 2

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