The Shattering—Opportunity To Act Independently

423.02Question: If I am able to relate to the external desires (Kelim) that manifest in our world as inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature, and people the same way I relate to my internal desires, which I am always ready to satisfy, then will the Creator manifest Himself?

Answer: The Creator is the general force of love and bestowal that fills the entire universe, the whole world. If you start treating everything that surrounds you as your own desires, you will feel this external force that works for the good, for filling the whole world and all that exists.

Question: You write that I will at the same time begin to understand that all the external Kelim are my soul. So, the fact that today I feel this world and small desires inside of me, is it just some dot?

Answer: Yes. Everything we feel when receiving is an egoistic black dot. And what we feel while bestowing is the soul.

The external Kelim, everything I see in the world, is a laboratory where I make efforts and show that I really want to bestow and am ready to acquire the properties of the Creator. And if the whole world were inside me, as it is written in The Book of Zohar, then I would not be able to reveal it. I would not be able to get out of myself.

Question: And all this is due to the shattering of the vessels?

Answer: Thanks to the shattering of the common desire, Adam finally begins to realize that there is a property of receiving and a property of bestowal. And although the awareness that filled him before the shattering has disappeared, that is, the Creator disappeared from his world because of the so-called “fall into the sin,” now he himself acquires the ability to bestow, receive, and act independently so that from these two abilities he could create the Creator in himself, become like Him.

In principle, everything is not that difficult. It is available to everyone, and everyone will be obliged to implement it on themselves. As it is said: “They shall all know Me, from the least of them to the greatest of them.”
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 7/23/21

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