Physical Distance Is—A Means For Spiritual Closeness

962.4Comment: When Baal HaSulam was abroad, he wrote to his students in Israel: ” And if you wish to know, I will inform you that I do not find myself far from you at all, and one who feels remoteness, it is because of himself.”

This is similar to our virtual lessons because most of the students from the world group study through the Internet. In fact, we are never in physical contact during the lessons except for conventions.

Each one of us thinks that a live lesson is one thing and a virtual lesson is another thing. We see that Baal HaSulam emphasizes in his letters that regarding this state, it is always because of us.

My Response: I do not think that physical distance has the same impact as our internal, mental distance. Of course, it has some impact because a student is under the influence of the corporeal world that separates him from the teacher or the friends. But I would call it a secondary precondition for unity, that is, a certain hindrance to our attempt to unite.

On the other hand, if a person feels physically distant, his efforts can actually enable him to be closer spiritually and to overcome seeming physical distances.

He begins to feel internally that he is actually in the same desire as the teacher and or the friends. A place is a desire. In the spiritual world, there is no other meaning of the concept of place.

For those people who live here [Petach Tikva] and attend lessons every day, it seems as if they are in the Creator’s embrace, but in fact, it is not so.

The physical distance felt by a student pushes him to spiritual closeness. So, everything depends on him, and in this respect, he should not envy those who are here. The Creator puts each of us in optimal conditions in which we can reach adhesion with Him at any given moment in the shortest and the best way.

We need to believe that it is indeed so, and then we will see that it actually works this way. This is how everything was created.

There are no interruptions in the movement toward spirituality. Interruptions are personal internal problems revealed to us from the shattering of the general vessel of the soul. This is what we need to correct by uniting.

I need to connect to others because there is a certain part of the general soul in me, you, him, her, etc. It can be a man or a woman living in South America, for example, or in Russia, or in Israel, with certain attributes in a certain environment, which are expressed in their internal data, that is, by the shattered part of the general soul that needs to be corrected each day. This is the only thing that determines all of a person’s attributes whether internal, external, everything there is.

I received greetings from the Amazon today, for example. There is a whole group there that wants to unite and is aimed at and wants to understand our method. This is an indication of their internal essence, of the part of the one general vessel of the soul that they represent. That is the way it works.

It is not a problem, a person can remain wherever he lives or may suddenly be forced by different circumstances to move to another place. But even if he does not make any efforts in this sense but only in uniting internally, it will already guide him along the optimal path in life of the correction of his soul.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 2/12/19

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