From Quantity To Quality

Laitman_931-01The Light and the Sun: “And the main answer is to unite with each and every one with love and in one heart, to worship the Lord and to join an effort, and thus the world of repentance awakens and the world of mercy and the world of desire.”

We reveal everything only according to our vessel because we don’t feel anything outside our desire. Therefore, the more complex the desire is—but at the same time, the more united it is—the greater discernments we can make both in the intensity of the Light and in the quality of the Light.

Therefore, we should try to be both heroes in quality and heroes in quantity, simultaneously. A hero in quality is a result of the quantity. At the beginning, every state grows in quantity and only then it raises itself to an upper level and unites many individuals that ascend from the lower level into one whole, into one individual on the upper level.

Thus, the work is first in quantity and then it turns into quality. It says that there isn’t a wiser man than the experienced, which means that after a great quantity of actions, comes the wisdom, the understanding of these actions themselves and the connection between them.

This is the reason we should exert ourselves as much as we can. You should do everything that is in your power, and the feeling and the mind stem from that. It is because a certain Light does arrive for every mechanical exertion, even if it is very simple, and it eventually brings us to the feeling and perception of the new reality.

It is true that we must unite our hearts, desires, and intentions, but we never do that. We always do only half a shekel’s worth, and the Creator completes the rest of the work for us, as it is said, “The Lord will complete the work for me.”

We only say that I must unite the hearts, but of course I cannot do anything but find out and clarify the right deficiency. If I find the right deficiency—which is called raising a prayer, MAN, investing the half shekel I am required to—it is called a sacrifice (Korban); in other words, I get closer to the Creator [Karov with the same root in Hebrew|, and the second half always comes from above.

Then, we become partners. I invest the deficiency, and the Creator performs the action in correcting and filling it.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/25/14

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