The Book Of Zohar Is A Carrier Of Spiritual Information

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When reading The Book of Zohar, we look at the Hebrew letters on a white background and feel their power. If The Zohar were translated into other languages, would this power be maintained?

Answer: The letters of The Book of Zohar are not sacred, meaning they don’t carry a particular spiritual energy. A person receives the spiritual energy because through these symbols (for these are not letters but symbols) he is connected with their spiritual source, with their essence.

Therefore it makes no difference in what language the book is written and in what form the person will get it. The main thing is that he will comprehend it as a carrier of spiritual information and will understand that he needs to properly attune to it.

At one time I was very interested in the subject and talked about it a lot with Rabash. I remember that I was very surprised when he said: “What difference does this make? This book could also be written in English. Only the key to the connection between my soul and the collective soul, Malchut de Ein Sof, is conveyed to us not through the English language, but through Aramaic and Hebrew.”

These two languages were in use in ancient Babylon since the days of Adam. Also they went as a pair, as direct and indirect. In fact, they are very close and are able to express spiritual characteristics because the Kabbalists conveyed all of the spiritual information to us through the arrangement of the letters and the words. The Book of Zohar works with this a lot. The entire problem is in conveying the information.

For if we were not in concealment of the Creator, we would not have any need for letters. I would feel what he feels. And there would not be any need for letters, for words, for sounds, for combinations of colors, nothing, because it would be felt directly in my heart. Pay attention to how often it is difficult to convey what we feel even in our native language. This is because all words are only an external conveyance.
From a lesson in Russian, February 7, 2014

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