Megacities Divide People

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Alexander S. Puzanov, professor of the Department of Economics and Municipal Management, Higher School of Economics, Russia): “Life in the modern metropolis distorts natural human reactions, destroys a person’s wholeness and increases the distance between people. Residents of megacities tend to reflect too much and inhibit natural emotional impulses.

“They have many personalities; they have a lot of social roles – at work, at home, in the store, in the virtual space. Such number of roles on different “stages” leads to the destruction of the human I.

“Disconnection between people is growing in the big city, but metropolis actively tries to control different aspects of human life. An avalanche of various information engulfs a person in the city, forces him to screen it out, to filter it.

“In the city, a transformation of natural human reactions occurs. The reduction of physical distance between people is inevitable in a city with a high population density. It is accompanied by an increase in social distance.”

My Comment: The correction of society and the universal crises is precisely in the reduction of the distance between people. But this correction can be achieved only by attracting the Upper Light, the property of bestowal, which is manifested in the correct unity.

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