Entering A Complicated World In A Complicated Way

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Ari didn’t write his books by himself. It was his student Rav Chaim Vital who wrote them. This story is very reminiscent to The Book of Zohar, which disappeared and then was discovered in a very strange way. The same thing happened with the works of the Ari.

They were written, but there was no one who could edit them. Only Rav Chaim Vital’s grandchildren managed to edit his writings. They took them out of his grave where they had been hidden in a crate and buried. It’s actually an adventure story, a treasure hunt.

Question: Why are there so many events that we don’t understand and such confusion when it comes to the writings of great Kabbalists, with The Book of Zohar, with the writings of the Ari?

Answer: It was specifically arranged that way to bring them to an adapted world. The world is confused and the writings of Kabbalists are also confused. If we could see the forces that operate in this world and manage it by our egoistic reactions, we would understand that bringing the spiritual knowledge into our world is only possible in this strange and incomprehensible manner.

The writings of the Ari were buried in the grave of Rav Chaim Vital. Then they were taken out and kept in a crate in some house in Tzfat. It was only several decades later that they were taken out of the crate. If they couldn’t be revealed by the father, then they were revealed by the son or the grandson or by one of the pupils.

The writings must be adapted so that they would be suitable for the world: through a certain soul, through a certain event, by a certain concealment in a certain period. It seems strange, but if we could see the system, we would understand that the Upper Light that comes closer to the vessels arranges everything this way in order to gradually bring this knowledge into the world.

It’s impossible to enter our confused world, this mess, the terrible egoistic state in this world, the total lack of spirituality, in any other way but by revealing and concealing these writings and then revealing them again ages, maybe even two thousand years later. It is a matter of adaptation. The main law here is the adaptation between the Light and the vessels.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/17/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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