What’s In A Name?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Some of the virtual groups in the US need your guidance. We, both men and women, gather in the platform TeamTalk 4, in the same folder for lessons, workshops, and other group activities. Only the names of women, not their faces, are viewed. Should it be up to the men in our groups to decide, based on their perception, whether this practice should continue? Some of them feel having the women there increases unity in our virtual group. Please provide your guidance.

Answer: There are different kinds of working together. There are those in which men, for greater efficiency, should stay separate, for example, the lessons and our workshops, which are broadcast from BB Israel. And there are those that require the collaboration of men and women: dissemination projects, discussions about life in the group, and others, which include men and women.

In the lessons and workshops, we know that even in the physical groups where men and women are present, they do not sit together, but separately. In any case, a woman’s name on the page can carry a man’s fantasy far from the topic of the lesson, not less than her photo.

That is why it is worthwhile to understand together, without hypocrisy and feigned “liberalism,” in what exactly and in what cases women’s presence can damage men’s spiritual work. I have repeatedly explained this issue. Having done this clarification, it will be easier for you to make decisions.

So, for example, then it would not be difficult to create separate “women’s” and “men’s” folders for the lessons and other occasions when it is necessary to separate the groups, but in the folders where general questions are discussed, and in general in any other case, you will not need to hide the women’s names and faces.

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