When A Stream Turns Into A River

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What should we focus on: external circulation of Kabbalah or inner connection?

Answer: Firstly, disseminate outwards to let people know that the crisis can be overcome, that in reality this is not a crisis. In the same way, Rabbi Shimon’s descent before the decisive ascent turned out to be the nicest and most desirable state.

The crisis is intended for our good. Using it correctly, we can arrive at the best state easily, freely, and without problems.

Recently, I was asked: “What can replace the human desire for something greater than the necessities of normal life?” That is basically what we have to explain to people.

The crisis is really for our good. One way or the other, we will reach balance between ourselves, balance with nature. We have nowhere to escape: Either the matrix of nature, getting closer to us, cuts us into pieces by force and re-connects us into one “mixture,” one collective “dough,” or we come to this voluntarily in order to change ourselves and unite. The difference is huge.

If we understand this movement correctly, then of course, the crisis is for our good. We can transform a tragic life that threatens us and our children into a beautiful ascent. We have to explain this to the greatest possible number of people.

While Kabbalah was spreading through a small stream from teacher to disciple, it sufficed for a few people with high knowledge to pass it maximally, accurately, and clearly. However, this stream has become a wide river that involves the entire humanity. A global, integral crisis is coming, and we are not talking about the height of the teaching, about the details, but about the breadth and accessibility.

With this purpose, Baal HaSulam wrote such articles as “The Revelation of Godliness,” “The Mutual Guarantee,” and “The Freedom.” They provide initial information, properly described and addressed to the widest possible audience.

In our time, the overall force of correction exists namely in the masses, in the huge masses of people. Through us, they understand what the matter is, we make their life easier with love towards them. In response, they will give a little push forward, and it will affect us as well. It is said in this regard that the nations of the world carry us to the Temple of the Creator, that is, raise us. They raise us specifically because we give them the method.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson from Moscow 6/14/2011, Shamati #4

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