The Path To The Heart Of The World

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: There are limits to what people can hear from us. Do these limits expand during the peak of a crisis, as for example in Spain, where recently mass demonstrations took place?

Answer: If a person has a problem or illness, he always wants to hear the good news about the remedy. Ideally, not we, but our Spanish friends have to address the Spanish people. Namely, they will be able to disseminate the method of correction among their people, gently and in an accessible way. They know how to communicate with their people. We have only to train and instruct them so that they set to work.

This should be done around the world. This is why the Creator awakens the points in the hearts among all the nations so that they act locally. And from now on, we have to prepare them for this mission. They know how to talk to the people; there are no barriers between them and their people. Their people are their family, friends, and acquaintances. We only have  to prepare a collection of materials and a supporting base for them.

All our groups around the world have to be converted into dissemination centers so that they know how to explain to demonstrators and the needy the reason for their suffering, in very simple words and without mentioning the word Kabbalah. Otherwise, people will just turn away and will not be able to listen. Even you, who are ready to listen, have difficulties grasping the words of Kabbalists. What can we expect of others?…
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/30/2011, “The Peace”

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  1. I agree the word Kaballah can’t be mentioned. The problem is it already has a connotation because of all the false methods. It also has an air of religious zealotry and Judaic superiority. I am sorry my friend, but we must dress this subject under something completely new, and try to integrate all the sages of all the world’s religions. Only a chromatic, multi colored approach will transcend all and truely appeal to everyone. I am sorry, but we must grow beyond our Judaic form that we have right now. I will help you if you need me to. I have spoken with many different religious leaders, and the concepts are all the same, but in different words. Perhaps we should build a map, or a tree, diagramming the connections between all the religions, unto the one, nameless infinite at the very center.

    It is critical, absolutely critical, for names are a thing of the ego, a form with connections and loyalties. We need a new child, a new name, something that inherently is one with everything else. Something that will mean something to all the world’s religions so they feel a part of it without one over the other. Please my friend, my brother. I have done experiments with those as young and arrogant as I am, and I have not found any success except under a transcendent message without bias or favorites. Perhaps an even higher group is needed. You are a sage, find your kind among the world who are also of such an equally developed level. The Sanhedrin must reassemble, and construct a new Earth name, whom all are a part of.

    Much Love

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