The Everyday Work

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The last three conventions in Italy, Spain, and Moscow were special. What should the group do now?

Answer: The end of the convention means that now you have to rise to the level of this convention in your “everyday” state. We seemed to have pulled ourselves up onto the bar, and now we have to stand on our feet on it.

In other words, we put a ladder to the next step and climbed to the top. Here is my current state:

We exerted efforts during the convention and have barely made it there. And now, we have to stand up on this rung—all together.

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This is our everyday work until the next convention. As soon as we stand upright, as soon as we master this step, we will be ready for it.

We should not hold it automatically, simply putting a check mark on a date in a month or two. Maybe, it will mature in a week or two, or on the contrary, in half a year; it all depends on how quickly we realize and master the potential for our ascent to the top. Everybody has to master it within himself.

When I was at the convention, the entire ascent was embodied for me in our world group. I united with the friends and through this unity rose higher.

The Everyday Work_03

However, it happened under the influence of communication, the society, the external environment. I felt ready to merge with them, to be together with them. At least, there were minutes like this and perhaps even hours.

Now, not being under the influence of the friends, I must do this within myself: rise from my knees and stand on my feet. This is a serious and painstaking work when I feel that the charge I received from the friends lives in me, helps me with my group and the world group in dissemination and in studies, and all the time gives me energy so that I act together with them.

The unity that took place there, at the convention, under the external influence, must be mirrored in my realization.

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From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson from Moscow 6/16/2011, Writings of Rabash

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